2019 certificate received! 
Emdoneni Lodge is SATSA bonded.
SATSA – Official


More about SATSA:

The Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA) is a member-driven association that offers inbound tourism services companies the highest level of quality in the tourism industry.

Who is SATSA 

  • SATSA is a member-driven credibility association that strives to set the highest standards in the Tourism Industry
  • We strive to maintain our three key qualities in all of the work we do: credibility, value and authority.
  • Using a SATSA member provides peace of mind for those who seek to do business with credible tourism partners
  • Members undergo a strict registration process and are required to sign and agree to abide by a Code of Conduct

What is SATSA’s purpose?

  • To provide buyers with quality advice and references to assist them in making an informed decision in their selection of suppliers
  • To provide our members with key services and benefits as well as representation at local, regional and international trade shows and conferences
  • To lobby on issues that impact members businesses and profitability

Source credit: www.satsa.com