Going on holiday with your family, especially if that includes young children, can be challenging. Not every holiday spot is set up to cater for families and their various needs and if you choose the wrong place to stay, your holiday is not going to be the peaceful break you planned. So you need to take time to carefully consider your accommodation choices.

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But that can be confusing. Whichever area you visit, there are so many accommodation options for families, from camping to hotels, family resorts to self-catering chalets. So, how do you choose the best accommodation for your family’s holiday? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why are we going on holiday? Are you looking for complete relaxation, a connection to nature, or a thrilling new adventure? Or all three? Take time to think about what you want out of your holiday. The reason for your trip will have an impact on the accommodation you choose. For example, if relaxation is your main aim, you might want to go for accommodation with a touch of luxury. But if you’re looking for a more rustic experience, where your family can take on daily tasks together, you might want to consider camping or self-catering facilities.

If your chosen accommodation can offer a unique family experience, something your family will always remember, even better. Emdoneni Lodge’s Cat Project is a great example!

  1. What is our budget? What you can afford to spend on accommodation should be one of your first considerations. However, when considering potential accommodation spots, remember to look beyond the daily rate to what it comprises. For example, does it include meals or any experiences or excursions? And, does the cost change if you travel during off-peak seasons or if your children are under a certain age? At Emdoneni, we offer affordable yet comfortable accommodation from R1295 for a single bed and breakfast to R1547 sharing dinner, bed, and breakfast. Or look out for one of our great specials or package deals!
  1. What sleeping arrangements will work best while we are away? A peaceful and successful holiday depends largely on everyone getting a good night’s sleep. Visit your prospective spot’s website and take a good look at the photos of the accommodation – consider size and number of beds, as well as number of rooms and the overall layout. Will your family be comfortable? Does a sleeper couch count as a bed in your book? Do your children have the best possible chance of sleeping well in this new space? Accommodation at Emdoneni includes chalets and rondavels, all well-appointed and beautifully furnished with quality linen and fittings. A recipe for a great night’s sleep! And don’t forget our gorgeous honeymoon suite if you’re looking for a romantic break away from it all.
  1. And what is the bathroom situation? Find out how many bathrooms will be available for your family. Will they be en-suite or communal and how important is it for you to have a bathroom close to your bedroom. Or a separate toilet area? Don’t forget that many new hotels don’t have baths, offering shower facilities instead. Depending on the age of your family members, you might need more bathrooms or a bathroom with a bath tub, not just a shower. The chalets at Emdoneni have en-suite bathrooms while each rondavel has its own bathroom. Read more about our accommodation options
  1. What child-friendly facilities are essential for our family? This is an especially important consideration if you have young children. Make a list of the child-friendly resources you need in your accommodation choice, for example, practical items such as cots. And what about baby sitters or, better yet, a kids’ club or child-friendly activities to keep your little ones entertained? Emdoneni’s Children’s Program offers game drives and activities to suit different age groups and interests while our menu caters for children and we have babysitting facilities if required.

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  1. What are our safety requirements? Travelling with older or young family members means that safety needs to be an important consideration. Evaluate your choice of accommodation against the following checklist: secure parking, ground floor sleeping area, clean and safe sleeping area, smoke detectors (if required), emergency plan, and staff with first aid training? Our Children’s Program, for example, takes children’s safety into account at all times, whether out walking or learning how to target shoot.

Where you stay when you travel away from home is an essential to a great family holiday. Go through the above questions to ensure that your holiday accommodation truly suits your family’s needs and get your holiday off to a good start.