Zulu Cultural Village


The Zulu culture in the province of KwaZulu-Natal is one that has shaped the local history and heritage to a large extent. Visitors will, no doubt, want to experience it in a hands-on way, becoming part of the experience. The Zulu Cultural Village invites people from all over the world to get a taste of this ancient people and the customs and beliefs that have provided its foundation. Even the modern society has strong ties to this history, making it relevant even to the South African youth.


In addition to the customary hospitality offered by the Zulu folk, visitors will also get a glimpse of the traditional arts and crafts and the import of the techniques, colours and patterns used in their creation. Basket weaving and beading are two very important art forms in the Zulu culture, and are both used to convey messages in a symbolic way, using the colours and patterns. For example, certain designs are used for wedding celebrations, others for the funerals and still others for various social and domestic roles. While women create these artworks, the men busy themselves with making drums, spears and shields. Purchasing any of these goods allows visitors to take a small piece of the Zulu culture home with them, and supports the local community.

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This experience also includes a drumming session, in which visitors will experience the depth and power of this rather simple instrument. Music is an important part of the heritage, history and worship of this nation, and is, therefore, a very important part of its culture. By allowing guests to be part of this, the Zulu Cultural Village shares a very important part of the South African identity with people from every corner of the planet. Tasting the locally brewed beer, which is characterised by its rich fullness and consumed as part of daily life and customary celebrations, will leave visitors to the Village with fantastic memories of time spent with the locals.