1. Empty Middle Seat. Couples or friends flying together should always book the window and aisle seat. If the flight is not full you can end up with an empty seat in the middle for some extra space.

2. Duplicate it. Lower your stress levels should the worst happen and you loose an ID or Passport by having copies on hand. Take a quality photo of all of your important documents with your cell phone. You can even print a copy and keep it with you. At least you will be able to supply ID and passport numbers and continue with your travels.

3. Pack a snack. Take along some of your favourite snacks and avoid the expensive airport food and in-flight snacks. You might end up in a situation where you didn’t get a chance to eat and then a quick snack can be a lifesaver.

4. Travel Size Containers. Buy some travel size containers and fill them with your favourite products that you can re-use. Buying travel size products are a lot more expensive.

5. Reusable Water Bottle. Pack your own water bottel. Airports are expensive and you need to stay hydrated. You can refill your own bottel at a water fountain and save some money.

6. Mini Medicine Kit. Create your own First-Aid Kit to suite your individual needs. Fill a small cosmetic bag or ziplock bag with some pain reliever, bandaid, allergy medicine etc. You never know when you are going to need it.

7. Portable Cell Phone Charger. Be prepared and don’t get stuck with a dead cellphone battery during your travels. Pack a portable cellphone charger to make sure that you stay connected. Your smart phone works hard during any trip while you take pictures and use it for directions on Maps etc.

9. Inform your bank. Banks might flag an account for spending in unusual areas and your transactions can be declined. Let your bank know of your travel arrangements and avoid getting stuck in a foreign country with no access to your funds.

10. Wet Wipes. This item is such a great travel essential. Handy to clean all types of surfaces and cleaning your hands or wipe a small mess on your clothes.

11. Notebook and Pen. Very useful for filling out immigration forms and jotting down a quick note.

12. Keep Prescriptions in their Containers. Bring any prescriptions that you need to take in their containers from the pharmacy with your name on. This will help if there are any questions when you arrive at your destination.

Source Credit: Travellocal.medium.com