The main emphasis of the cat project is to release the progeny of animals back into the wild. We only keep our breeding pairs (ambassador animals) and those animals that cannot be released, at the project and for educational purposes. All offspring, where possible, will be released into the wild, back where they belong.

In the 22 years that the Emdoneni Cheetah Project has been in operation, we have successfully rehabilitated and released Servals, Caracals, African Wildcats and Cheetahs. ‘We are delighted to accept the two new Servals and play our part in ensuring the conservation of this rare and beautiful species. ‘iSimangaliso provides them with a secure home away from inhabited areas and the threat of snaring,’ says iSimangaliso Wetland Park CEO, Andrew Zaloumis. Servals are listed on the ‘Threatened or Protected Species’ (TOPS) list owing to their rarity. They are vulnerable to being snared and killed by farmers, in particular for their beautiful pelts.