"When life gets tough, the tough gets going." This timeless proverb may be true for some... but for us at Emdoneni Lodge it is to never give up, to stay confident in what we do and to believe in the conservation of our cats.

Sometimes you face difficulties, not because you are doing something wrong, but because you are doing something right.... Indeed we had experience tough times, but the difficulties we faced made us more determined to achieve our objectives and to win against all the odds. We have a passion for conservation - our ultimate goal is to protect these species and to ensure that they will be around for future generations to enjoy and be flourishing in the wild and not only be recognized in magazines, zoo's and on a wildlife channel. Our vision is to raise awareness about the plight of these species and it is through education that our project aims to transform attitudes and misconstrued ideas of these species. Our ambassador animals at Emdoneni are captivity bred, named, adopted by public and loved unconditionally until they pass on. Each animal has its own story to tell. During this time, through controlled breeding and recognized natural habitats, releasing of their offspring takes place. These ambassador cats help to repopulate conservation areas, especially in Zululand while living a well fed live in their camps. Thank you for your support in the past and in the future, please send us your thoughts and input.

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"No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never
- David Attenborough

Warm wishes,
Louis & Cecillie and our wonderful team


KHAYA He is a bit of a lazy boy, but that could be said about any cat. He enjoys sleeping under the trees in the shade and will often lift his head to pose for photos every now and then. He really likes his picture being taken.


Cinnamon He is a sneaky boy. Often manages to get out and go wondering, but always turns up in the tea garden in the afternoons for dinner.


RAMBO is an adventurer and loves to play. He regularly winds everyone else up in the enclosure and is surprised when he gets told off by the others, if they are relaxing when he’s making mischief. He and his sister Willow are great friends and love to say hello to our guests and rub around their legs. He loves attention and cuddles and is a very sweet natured cat, he is our most affectionate and cuddly boy.


Grumpy She still lives up to her name. Often giving us a warming, welcoming hiss when we come to see her. She spends most of her day up in the trees and only comes down for food. So when it comes to feeding, the second she gets her food she is off to hide so no one steals it from her.


APPLE She is a typical friendly self. Always the first to greet everyone coming in and the first to rub round. She has become the alpha female of the group and does not take any nonsense from any of the others. She will often talk to guests sitting in the tea garden just to let them know she is there.


Willow She is a really sweetheart. She loves every guest that comes to see her. She loves to perform for everyone often popping wheelies and showing off. She is always vocal and likes to chat to everyone.

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Noah He is an interesting character. He is always the first to the fence to greet all the guests and often the first to call to tell us that he is hungry. He can be a bit greedy and does try to steal Sheila's chicken.


Sheila She is as friendly as ever. Being with Noah hasn't changed her at all and she will put him in his place when he does not treat her like a proper lady. She is often in the trees in the mornings, but come the afternoon she will sit and wait for her food. Noah will often try to steal her chicken, but she will take it to the trees to ensure he does not get it.


Spotty She is back with Noah and Sheila, but prefers her alone time and is always in the same spot in her tree. She often lounges about in the tree with at least one leg hanging down. She loves enjoying the nice cool breeze up in the tree. She is a proud mother of two young Servals who were recently released into the Western Shores of Lake St Lucia, iSimangaliso.


Mafuta Mafuta loves his sleep but there is only one thing he loves more and that is his food. He never misses a meal and will always come running to the fence to get his food. He often will climb a tree and chat to Cassidy over the fence.


Cassidy Not much needs to be said about Cassidy. He is a unique character. He loves to show off for the guests and likes to walk around like a runway model, because he thinks he is the best looking serval around. He still likes to dance for his food which added to his charm.


Hope Hope is the real hunter. She will often try to steal food from Felix. She is the better hunter out of the two of them. One morning we went in and found she had caught herself two giant legless skinks. She was walking around with the larger one in her mouth showing off her trophy.


Felix He has developed into an interesting cat. Always quick to come and investigate guests walking by and often has a spring in his step. He often runs around chasing butterflies and nearly caught himself a Yellow Billed Kite the one morning, so he likes to think of himself as the big game hunter.


Kiza She is the baby of Sheila. She is doing well even though she is away from her mother. She is often playing with Felix. They often chase each other around playing their own game of tag. She is going to grow into a beautiful cat like her mother.


Benny Benny is the newest member to the family. He is a wild boy, but still full of personality. He is a very vocal boy and likes to chat to everyone that walks passed. He enjoys sleeping in his tree or relaxing in the grass.


BAR-ONE This cool cat is still looking fresh as ever, we recently put him in with his girlfriend Lulu who was quite sceptical at first, but now he seems to be enjoying her company. They lay together under a tree in the heat of the day. We are sure Bar-One serenades her with his beautiful blue eyes and top cat accent.


Ruby Our beautiful girl - always the happy and content caracal at the project. We hope to see some breeding in the future as we would love to see some off-spring from her.


Blaze Blaze is looking more like his father by the day, he is mostly active in the afternoons especially when his toy comes out! He loves to play, he even allows the guides to get a cheeky pat when he is in the mood.


Max our old man is doing great. He is now suffering from arthritis, but we’ve been helping him with special supplements to keep him out of pain and healthy. His favourite thing to do other than eating is to lie in the grass at the back of his enclosure and lie on his back showing everyone his big fluffy tummy. He regularly welcomes our guests and enjoys being photographed and talked about. He is a wonderful character and still enjoys an easy companionship with Lulu, his long standing girlfriend.


Lulu Our Lulu used to spend her days up in her tree, but this has all changed now that Bar-one is around. Lulu is still sassy as ever and she gives him a good run for his money.


Carlos Carlos is still passionate as ever about his food! He will often try and steal from Ruby, but she is too clever for him. He and Bar-one don't get along so well and we often find them hissing at each other through the fence. It is common for the males not to get along due to competition. This is why we do not put males together.


Diego Diego is the pretty boy of our Caracals, often posing so nicely for the camera. What a gentleman, even when it comes to feeding time he takes his food gently and goes off not disturbing Savannah and his partner.


Savannah Our Savannah is doing great! We should be expecting cubs from her in 2 months. We hope she will be a good mother to her kittens. She is accompanied by Diego who seems to love her very much. We often find them together in the afternoons. She is really a beautiful Caracal.


MOYA Moya has been spending his days resting in the shade not bothered by the wind direction nor his brothers’ sloppy affection. He is our coolest cheetah on the block - he loves his food and laying in the grass. He will only lift his head to welcome guests, then go back to sleep again. Some say it is laziness, others say it’s all about prey, but we have noticed it that he is content as long as his brother is next to him.


JUBA Our delightful Juba is still up at his meddlesome ways. There is one thing he is most passionate about and this is his food. Sometimes he will even try to sneak a mouthful of his brother’s, all with good intent. He has made friends with Dusk and often see them conversing through the fence, but there is nothing like brotherly love and so Juba will always have Moya close to his heart.


RAINE She is becoming more independent by the day, taking no nonsense from her new co-tenant, Dew. They have their trees that they lie under, but Dew and his mischief gets him in trouble so they are learning to agree on each other’s terms. Raine has gotten fonder of our staff - we know how full of love she can be, but tends to hide it so nobody finds out.


STORM Storm is growing up to be a wonderful cheetah. Ever since his new move into his larger enclosure, he seems even more appreciative of another spirit being present. He would come to the gate bright eyed and bushy tailed as if he has lots to tell you from his explorations of the day. Although he misses his lover, Raine he is not quite ready to mate, but you know what they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and he will be back in a year with a fire in his heart - this we are sure of. He has been sussing out a Natal Mahogany in the back of his enclosure - it is the perfect spot for him to nap with ample amounts of shade and soft grass to sleep on.


Autumn Our wonderful and amazing Autumn recently gave birth to two male cubs here at Emdoneni. We are so excited for her, she is doing such a great job at raising them. We have given her the opportunity to rear her young in hope that when they do come of age, Moonlight and Midnight will be released into a private game reserve within South Africa. This will be our second release for cheetah and we are so privileged for this - another great conservation project!


DEW Our very famous cheetah...with a lot of help from the media.... at least it has helped him to put out his name for the world to see! Dew is our ball of energy with non-stop curiosity. He is having a blast keeping Raine on her toes Dew is always welcoming, but now they are only allowed to view him from the fence. He also finds comfort under a monkey orange tree inside his enclosure. He usually goes over there to see what Moya and Juba are up to. Dew loves his food and is still crazy about his brother - they are inseparable. After the incident we were considering to prepare Dew for a release, but still not sure how to handle this as in nature the brothers will always stay together. Dusk unfortunately cannot be released as he has a slight over-bite and a dent in his tail which will make it difficult for him to hunt. Please send us your thoughts.


Dusk Dusk has recently turned one. Our sweetest cheetah - always welcoming the guests with his call. He is still close to his brother and we often see him peeking over to make sure Dew is being good. Dusk is quite affectionate nowadays and we often see him wanting an extra cuddle from our guides.


Midnight Midnight is the other cub of Autumn. He enjoys playing with his brother. They will often climb on top of mom to get her involved, but she doesn't seem fazed by this. Midnight also spends lots of his time resting close to Autumn as he is not as adventurous as his brother.

Moonlight Moonlight is officially the name for one of Autumn's cubs, how we tell the difference is by looking at their tails. He has more of a white spot on the tip and is very independent. We often see him wondering off to explore the boundaries of his enclosure, but always returning to Mom for some tender love and care.

December 2016 - April 2017
Date Adopted Adopted by Cat Species Period
Dec - 16 Zac Hays Lulu Caracal 1 Year
  Budgor Family Willow African Wild Cat Life time
  Budgor Family Blaze Caracal Life time
  Jessica Biver Savannah Caracal Life time
Jan - 17 Collins Family Spotty Serval Life time
  Marina McGovern Mafuta Serval 1 Year
Feb - 17 Marshall Brody Sheila Serval Life time
  Richard Brody Willow African Wild Cat 1 Year
  Andersson Family Willow African Wild Cat 1 Year
  Royden - Turner Family Willow African Wild Cat Life time
  Sylke Meyer Willow African Wild Cat Life time
March - 17 Amy Slogaski Khaya African Wild Cat 1 Year
  Saudi Aramco Schools Juba Cheetah 1 Year
April - 17 Snow Family Juba Cheetah 1 Year

We appreciate your contributions - Thank you!