Hluhluwe is a magnificent little town that is considered to be on of KwaZulu-Natal’s hubs of tourism. Situated in the heart of Zululand, Hluhluwe is only an hour’s drive from Durban, four hours away from Johannesburg and is home to the world renowned Hluhluwe Game Reserve.


Hluhluwe Game Reserve, established in 1895, is the oldest Game Reserve found in KwaZulu-Natal. The reserve is said to be the place where Zulu Kings Dingiswayo and Shaka hunted and put in place the first conservation laws. With such a fantastic reputation for their role in Rhino Conservation as well as the Centenary Capture Centre, the Reserve is a place where visitors are not only able to experience the beauty that is the Big Five and various other animals, but they are also able to enjoy the drive, determination and ambition that is portrayed by the staff of Hluhluwe Game Reserve in putting our animals at the heart of their hard work.

The Wildlife found in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve is confined to roughly 96 000 hectares. The Game Reserve encompasses a vast diversity of fauna and flora and is home to the phenomenal Big Five (Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Leopard) that are proudly South African! Apart from these majestic animals, the reserve is also home to:

  • Giraffe
  • Nyala
  • Varying species of Birds
  • Cheetah and Wild Dog

Being situated in Hluhluwe, an area that is characterised mainly by hills, the Game Reserve is mostly hot in summer and mild to cool in winter, but cold spells are known to occur throughout the year so it is not always a guarantee that you will spot each and every one of the animals at the reserve during your stay there.

BUT, there is still plenty a thing to keep you busy whilst you enjoy the rich African heritage and beauty of the Reserve:

  • Game drives, accompanied by one of the reserves professionals.
  • Self-guided foot trails. There are three self-guided foot trails that visitors can enjoy. Guide books are available in order to ensure that you experience each point of interest as you go.
  • Self-guided auto trails are designed for your convenience, allowing you to experience the park at your own pace and in your own vehicle.
  • Day walks are available, each walk is approximately 2 hours long and are done from the Mpila and Hilltop Camps. Please be advised these are done under the supervision of an experienced field ranger.
  • Picnic sites are available with toilet and braai facilities in order for you and your family or friends to enjoy some typical South African flavour in the bush.
  • Boat tours are conducted twice a day for visitors on a 40 seater boat across the Hluhluwe dam.

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With Picturesque scenery, animal sightings and a typical African Safari experiences, the Hluhluwe Game Reserve is a must-see for anyone. If you are looking for accommodation in the area, take a look at Emdoneni Lodge. Home to the Cheetah project and a number of rehabilitated cats such as Caracal, Cheetah and African Wild Cats, Emdoneni offers guests intimate and comfortable accommodation in the form of chalets and rondavels, on a dinner, bed and breakfast or bed and breakfast basis allowing guests to experience the delights of true South African hospitality and cuisine.

Emdoneni Lodge is accessible to any visitor who wants to experience the luxury of the bush and beach.  Emdoneni Lodge is close to all the main attractions such as the Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve (23Km’s away) or the St Lucia World Heritage Park, Sodwana and Cape Vidal.