In a blink of an eye the year 2022 has almost come to an end and we cannot believe it! We are sure that, like many of you, we have experienced this year in all its glory. We have faced an abundance of challenges, but we have also celebrated many victories which would have been impossible without our dynamic staff.
Whilst we reminisce about this year and all it has taught us, we want to take this opportunity to remember our staff members who tackled each and every day no matter what it entailed. They are the true spirit of Emdoneni Lodge.
We kick this remembrance of with one of our dearest employees, Rebecca Dladla. She has been with us for over 15 years! Her enduement and perseverance is what we most appreciate about her. There is no task too small or too big for our Rebecca! She adores working with our guests and learning about all the different nationalities who pop in for a stay with us.
Thank you Rebecca, you are a valuable member of the Emdoneni family.
Emdoneni Lodge can look forward to the future with you by our side. 😊