An exceptional General Manager is always ready to do whatever it takes to get the work done.
 It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our General Manager, Deserè Havenga.
Our Deserè is well known for her dependability and readiness to put in the extra effort! She is what truly holds the Emdoneni team together. She has been a valuable member of our team for 3 years already! She was born in Gauteng but calls Richardsbay her home and here is her Q&A:
1. What is your favourite food:
I love to braai with salads and a traditional mielietert.
2. What is your favourite colour:
Brown with any autumn colours. I am a true child of the earth.
3. What is your favourite music:
Country music is my absolute favourite!
4. What are your hobbies:
In my spare time I play online strategy games, read, and adore spending time with my family and friends.
5. How long are you working for Emdoneni Lodge:
I have been with Emdoneni Lodge for 3 years. I started at Emdoneni in 2019 as the General Manager.
6. What do you love about Emdoneni Lodge:
Emdoneni Lodge is surrounded with beautiful Zululand nature and as a result is very tranquil and quiet. I have always been a person who loves and appreciate nature.
7. What have you learned while working for Emdoneni Lodge:
I have the freedom to work alongside my staff. I strive to teach them that we work as one team, and not only as an individual, for the good of the lodge. I love how I can spread my knowledge to them, showing that life is more about giving, then taking.
We are grateful to have you as our General Manager. Your unique perspectives add so much to our team efforts. You attend to tasks without even batting an eye. It means a lot to us that you always have our backs. The Emdoneni family can look forward to what next year holds with you leading our team! 🥂