Here at Emdoneni Lodge our #maintenance team really measures up! 🛠
Meet our groundsman and maintenance, Ashen Ndlovu.
He has the best combination of talent, skills and attitude that add up to great performance.
Here a Q&A to get to know our Ashen better.
1. What is your favourite food:
Chicken and rice is my absolute favourite!
2. What is your favourite colour:
All the colours in the rainbow.
3. What is your favourite music:
I love gospel and reggae music.
4. What is your hobbies:
Nothing beats a great game of soccer.
5. How long are you working for Emdoneni Lodge:
I’ve been working at Emdoneni Lodge for 6 years. My employment commenced in 2017 as a groundsman/maintenance.
6. What do you love about Emdoneni Lodge:
Emdoneni Lodge really stands out in the quality of service we provide to our guests. The welcoming atmosphere is something extraordinary. Each guest that enters our gates are welcomed with open arms.
7. What have you learned while working for Emdoneni Lodge:
I have learned how to welcome any guest to the lodge. In addition hereto, I have learned patience and a lot about animal behaviour.
You are a valuable member of the Emdoneni family and we have noticed all the hard work you have put in. We are truly thankful to have you, Ashen!