Non-Guided or Guided Walks at Emdoneni Lodge

Thanks to the glorious surrounds in which Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project is nestled, there are a number of trails and natural areas to explore on foot. Being part of the spectacular countryside of Zululand in KwaZulu-Natal means that the lodge and its guests benefit from breath-taking views and an abundance of plant and animal species. These combine to create an attraction and experience that represents the wonders of Africa.
The guided walking tours at Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project are conducted by qualified guides that have plenty of experience with spotting interesting bird species, identifying spoor and droppings, and providing interesting insights into the fauna and flora of the Elephant Coast.


We encourage visitors to ask questions and will readily impart their knowledge. This is so enriching to any on-foot excursion, ensuring lasting memories for young and old alike. It is also a fantastic way to educate young ones out of the classroom, making this learning and appreciation of nature fun and exciting. The guided walking tours at Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project each take about an hour to complete. They are manageable, and brief enough to couple with other activities and attractions. They need to be booked ahead of time to ensure availability.


The walking tour is safe and relaxed, as there are no predators within the territory that is covered on foot. On the tour, visitors can look forward to learning more about the local geology, approaching the mild-natured zebra, and seeing impressive antelope species like the nyala, wildebeest, red duiker, grey duiker and impala. Being part of their habitat in such a real, tangible way is humbling and exhilarating, promising an entirely different perspective of the African abundance.

In addition, visitors embarking on the guided walks of Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project will have the opportunity to explore the stunning South African countryside, including the sand forest trees and expansive vleis. These tours are conducted for groups of up to six guests.


When embarking on such tours, be sure to apply plenty of high-factor, good-quality sunscreen and to wear sunglasses, hats and light clothing that will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Try to wear long trousers and closed shoes so that your legs and feet are protected from thorns, scratchy grasses and insects. Avid bird watchers should bring along their binoculars and identification books if they would like to get the most out of their bird-watching experience. Walkers are also advised to bring their cameras along to capture the unrivalled beauty and untouched quality of KwaZulu-Natal.

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