The school holidays are fast approaching and wondering what to do with your kids for some educational entertainment? Look no further, we have the best option you have been searching for!

Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project prides itself on actively welcoming children of all ages. Kids’ activities (for kids older than 4 years old), are well planned and structured and are done by experienced guides who are passionate about kids and nature.

  • Drives and activities are tailored to suit children’s interests and attention span.
  • Children are allocated to a specific ranger who enjoys interacting with younger guests.
  • Game drives and walks are designed to ensure that the kids’ safety is taken into account and that they experience activities they might not normally enjoy in the city.
  • Babysitters & child minders are available during meal times only (additional cost).
  • We try not to use modern technology in our activities offered, but rather to teach children to love nature and what it has to offer!
  • Kid’s meals are specially prepared for children.


Activities We Offer for The Kids (over than 4 years) Include:

Animal Adventure Game Drive:

Learn more about the animals at Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project with your game ranger. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on and bring a hat! Duration: 1 hour

Kids Night Drive:

Do you want to go and look for nocturnal animals while your parents are having their dinner? Don’t forget to bring a jacket! We might hear and see the resident bush babies! Duration: 1 hour


Guided short afternoon walks with your own ranger, pointing out insects, tracks of animals, trees, vegetation & interesting facts. Be careful not to wake Mum and Dad from their afternoon nap and don’t forget to bring a hat! Duration: 1 hour

Spot the Poop!

Your ranger will help you recognize the different types of animal poop while you go on a poop spotting adventure… this is so much fun! Duration: 1 hour per child

Animal Tracks:

Learn how our ancestors used to find their dinner, by tracking them. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Stargazing at Night:

Trying to find all the magic in the sky! Duration: 1 hour

Educational Bug Scouting:

Teams or individuals scout for different species of bugs to put in their bug containers, with the help of your guide. Duration: 1 hour

Target Shooting:

Learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow – like the hunters of old times! Duration: 1 hour

Katty Shooting:

Shoot at targets with a catapult, safely and without harm to nature’s creatures! Duration: 1 hour

Emdoneni Junior Game Ranger Course:

Hey Kids!! Always dreamt of become a Game Ranger? Then this is your chance! Join our qualified guides for a 3 hour training course at Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project

You will learn more about:

  • Different cat species (Cheetah, African Wildcat, Serval and Caracal)
  • Resident animals like antelope, birds, crawling insects and others
  • Tree identification
  • Animal tracks
  • Direction

Get your very own pack consisting of:

  • Canvas backpack
  • Note book
  • Cap

Before dinner a graduation ceremony place where you will receive your certificate. You will take receive a certificate from the guide after the completion of the course This is the course of a lifetime. Come join us and help us to conserve our nature for the future! Duration: 3 hours / Ages: 4-12 years