Caracal (Lynx)


12 caracals have been released up to date by Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project.  These caracals were all born from our ambassador caracals at the project.  Most of them were introduced on game reserves in the area which includes the Phinda Game Reserve.

The largest African lesser cat and an exceptional climber and jumper, the caracal is a slender built cat with long legs and a short, sharply tapered tail. The Caracal resembles a cross between a leopard and a lynx. Its coat is reddish-brown with distinctive tufted ears and white markings around its eyes and on its throat, chin, and belly.

The Caracal is widespread and common, south of the Sahara. It is far more common in Southern than East Africa. The Caracal is a non-endangered species. Caracal are mostly killed by farmers, because of predation on their livestock. In some areas of their range they are killed for their skin and meat by bush people.

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