The Cats at Emdoneni Cheetah Project


Most unique and specialised member of the cat family. The world’s fastest land animal. Reaches speeds of 70 miles per hour. Unlike other cats, the cheetah has a leaner body, longer legs and is referred to as the “greyhound” of cats. It is not an aggressive animal, preferring flight over fight…



Caracal (Lynx)

The largest African lesser cat and an exceptional climber and jumper, the caracal is a slender built cat with long legs and a short, sharply tapered tail. The Caracal resembles a cross between a leopard and a lynx. Its coat is reddish-brown with distinctive tufted ears and white markings around…




The serval is much larger than the domestic cat. It is long legged, the hind legs longer than the front legs. Its neck is long and its head is small, with large, very erect ears. The serval’s coat is yellowish-tan, with black spots, bands and stripes. The tail is ringed with black, and the under parts of …



African Wildcat

The African Wildcat is sandy brown to yellow grey in colour, with black stripes on the tail. The fur is shorter than that of the European subspecies. It is also considerably smaller, being only slightly larger than a domestic cat. Today’s domestic cats are generally believed to be descendants of…



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