Adopt a cat OR give any donation towards their food

Our project is relying on visitors to assist us in caring for them.

Unfortunately we all thought that by December 2020, Covid will be something of the past…..but now the second wave is here. We are rerunning the campaign again for you to share far and wide to friends and colleagues to help us feed our cats and sustain this project… we will really appreciate any contribution.

Paying for their food, vet costs and guides salaries are putting a huge strain on our business.  We started a Go Fund Me campaign to assist us keeping the gates open and people all over the world assisted us. 

We would like to give special thanks to Anton Louw from Zuka Private Game Reserve for his support.  Anton sponsored chickens for the cats for 10 months. 

Any donation, big or small, will be assisting us in saving these magnificent endangered cats.  

You can use this link to make a payment via PayPal.  


Should you rather want to do an Electronic Transfer please send a mail to 

or use the Go Fund Me Campaign by clicking here

The Zululand Cat Project offers the public the opportunity to adopt a cat in an effort to save the endangered cats of South Africa. Based in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal, Emdoneni Cheetah Project aims to rehabilitate and raise wild cats to release in the wild.

We have several species of cats at different price points, for you to adopt and sponsor. Get to know our cats below and pick one you would like to help save!

Find out more about each cat by selecting a breed below:









Adoption of animals in care centres by private persons or companies is not a new way of raising funds for the well-being of animals in captivity, but a system that is basically ‘adopted’ worldwide by such organisations.


At the Emdoneni Cheetah Project, our only funding to maintain the project at present is through visitor attendance of tours or support from the owners. However, a project of this nature requires good care and maintenance to ensure the well-being of the cats. Examples of these costs include: feeding, veterinary care, camp and fence maintenance, as well as workers’ salaries.

By implementing a system based on donations, we are hoping to improve each individual cat’s stay at the center.

The aim of the project is not to keep many cats in captivity, so, should their numbers increase, either due to breeding or rehabilitation, all surplus animals are released back into the wild at no remuneration according to our permit agreement.

In return for your valued support, we will issue you with a participation certificate, keep you up to date via e-mail regarding your adopted cat and the project, and you will receive a membership card, entitling two adults to enjoy free visits to the project for the duration of your support.

This is the future for all of our children; so let us stand together in preserving our natural wildlife before it is too late.

We thank you for caring and for being part of this project.
Louis & Cecillie Nel
Owners: Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project

Adoption Costs:

Cheetah ZAR 3,000 ZAR 10,000
Caracal (lynx) ZAR 1,000 ZAR 4,000
Serval ZAR 1,000 ZAR 4,000
African Wildcat ZAR 1,000 ZAR 2,000