Game Drives

Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project is proud to offer visitors the opportunity to visit the natural habitat of a number of exciting species. These include wild cats, like serval, cheetah, lynx and the African wildcat. Some of the animals are rare, and make for special, memorable sightings and incredible photographs.

Game drives are conducted in the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserves in open vehicles, which allow maximum visibility of the animals as well as the pleasure of smelling the sweet bush air and feeling the cool wind. Experienced, qualified guides conduct the tours and are able to answer the visitors’ questions, provide fascinating insights and guide the vehicles right to the where the animals are.


A number of different game drive options are available to guests staying at Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project. They may choose guided drives of 3, 6, 8 or 10 hours; depending on the time they have available and the range of wildlife they would like to see. Morning and evening drives yield sightings of a very different collection of animals to those that will be spotted during the heat of the day, and guests of the lodge are encouraged to take advantage of the various packages to ensure that they get to enjoy the most of what the region has to offer in terms of its natural wealth.

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In addition to game drives, there are also guided walking trails that are conducted by professionals that are in the know. These ones allow visitors to touch, smell and see the wonders of the local fauna and flora at a comfortable pace. They share their knowledge of tracking, point out interesting birds and bugs, and provide protection from any snakes or predators.

Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project also provides game drives through Mkuze Game Reserve, which is renowned for its impressive variety of bird species. Avian enthusiasts will be well rewarded here as they keep on the lookout for the more than 420 bird species within the reserve’s borders. There are a number of bird hides from where these creatures can be seen unhindered and unabashed. Mkuze is also home to an incredible array of antelope, as well as the elusive leopard, suni (a very small species of buck), hyena and cheetah. Watering holes are popular spots at which to see the animals, and are scattered throughout the reserve.

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