Exploring the Pineapple Farmlands

This part of South Africa is ideally suited to many types of agriculture; but is best known for its stunning pineapple and sugarcane farms.  In fact, the province of KwaZulu-Natal produces about 90% of the fresh Queen pineapples in the country, making it an important epicenter for the local and national economy.

Sugarcane is also a very important resource here, and is produced in a massive scale. These farms also provide many jobs for the local Hluhluwe residents, since the crops (particularly the pineapples) are labour-intensive and require skill, effort and expertise. This is a very important aspect to the important place that such farms have in the country’s economy. The farms that produce these crops make for fascinating places to visit and see. Visitors get to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside, while learning about the details of local agriculture and its role within the community. Pineapples can be used for a number of applications. Not only can they be enjoyed fresh, but they can also be used dried, or in preserves and juices. They have important nutritional value and are excellent as part of healthy weight loss diet plans.

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Sugarcane is used by a number of industries, and in an enormous variety of foods and beverages. It contributes billions of Rands to the local economy every year. This crop and the farming of it also provide important job opportunities and invite visitors to get a peek into the modern equipment and techniques that make this such a major industry in South Africa.

Emdoneni Lodge with Cheetah Project can provide information and directions to the various sugarcane and pineapple farms. These make for exciting day excursions for families and groups of friends, as well as educational tours for school groups.

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